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Is this warm weather making you think about your bikini body? Vaser Liposuction might be the treatment for you

April 22, 2015

Now that it seems spring is upon us, it’s time to get thinking about your beach body.  Whilst we would never advocate going straight to surgery, Vaser Liposuction is a fantastic treatment to help you lose those last stubborn pounds.

A revolutionary new technique, Vaser is used for fat removal and the contouring of the body.  Less invasive than traditional Liposuction and with precision contouring it targets just the fat in the body, which gives a smoother end result, with less bruising.

Vaser works by using Ultrasound (ie sound energy) to break up and emulsify the fatty tissue.  Once the fat has liquefied, it is removed via suction and massage.  Finally, remodelling the preserved tissues encourages the skin to retract and gives a smoother appearance.

As Vaser is such a superior fat removal treatment, many delicate areas can be treated, such as the chin, ankle and neck.  Traditional areas like the buttocks and thighs can also be treated and with the procedure being done under Local Anaesthetic, patients can return home shortly after their treatment.

Finally, it is important to understand that Liposuction techniques are not weight loss treatments and Linia always recommend a healthy lifestyle and diet.  Vaser Liposuction is a fantastic treatment for those people wanting to remove stubborn areas of fat and contour the body.

For more information about Vaser Liposuction or to speak to an expert call 0800 170 71 71.


Linia Cosmetic Surgery in the media

October 15, 2014

Recently Linia Cosmetic Surgery was in the Daily Mail, Daily Express, Metro and Woman magazine, with two fantastic female patients.  Kay Silver was featured in Woman Magazine, talking about her S-facelift that she had with Mr Aslam in 2011 with amazing results.  And patient Katy Bedford was in the Mail, Express and Metro talking about Mr Aslam quoting: “He is absolutely marvelous – really I couldn’t have asked for better treatment.  He’s even managed to do some of my procedures under local anaesthetic so that I can smile for him during the surgery and he can get my face absolutely right.”

Daily Mail 18th sept 2014 p1

Woman 22nd sept 2014 p1

Metro 18 sept 2014 p2

Skin And Wrinkle Reduction Treatments At Linia

March 20, 2013

Oscar winning singer Adele is being chased by skincare giants to front their campaigns, according to Yahoo. The glamorous singing beauty has a flawless complexion and gorgeous bright eyes surrounded by the most amazing lashes, which has earned her a loyal following in the aesthetics industry.


This 24 year old girl really does have it all! She obviously takes care of her skin and knows how to wear her look to perfection. A lover of bold eye make-up and ‘high’ hair, Adele has a look many of us would dream of…

What do you think of her look?

If you want to improve your complexion and reduce any fine lines, we have the answer with our range of non-surgical solutions. Our Wrinkle reduction treatments are very competitively priced so you can afford to look refreshed all year round. We have a range of both short acting and long acting dermal fillers that can be used to plump up fine lines and enhance the lips, prices for these start from £250.


Why not welcome in the spring with a bright, refreshed look? Call us now on 0845 230 1700 to book your free consultation.

Clinic Dates

March 13, 2013

London clinic dates – all Wednesdays:

13th March

20th March

27th March

10th April

17th April

24th April

31st April

1st May

8th May

15th May

22nd May

29th May


Wyboston clinic dates:

Monday 11th March

Thursday 31st March

Tuesday 26th March

Tuesday 9th April

Tuesday 23rd April

Tuesday 30th April

Tuesday 7th May

Thursdy 23rd May

Tuesday 28th May


Peterborough clinic dates:

Friday 15th March

Friday 22nd March

Friday 12th April

Friday 26th April

Friday 10th May

Friday 31st May


Norwich clinic dates:

Friday 15th March

Friday 19th April

Friday 17th May


Chester clinic dates:

Tuesday 19th March

Tuesday 16th April

Tuesday 14th May


Bristol clinic dates:

Tuesday 12th March

Monday 8th April

Tuesday 21st May


Bristol clinic dates:

Saturday 13th April

Saturday 11th May


Body Fat Transfer – available at Linia Cosmetic Surgery

March 13, 2013

Fat transferring procedures have been around for more than 100 years. It’s an increasingly popular procedure for reshaping and plumping up areas of the body, including the face, hands, calf muscles, bottom and breasts.


Fat cells are harvested using a liposuction technique – usually from areas that naturally store fat – the thighs, stomach or bottom area. The cells are then purified and processed before being injected back into the area of the body that needs treating.


Some people prefer fat transfer to implants as it can often give a very natural look and feel. Some people don’t like the thought of an implant in the body, so this provides an ideal alternative. The treatment also elimates the risk of an allergic reaction.


Repeat treatments are often required with fat transfer as the body only retains approximately 40% of the transferred fat cells, as the rest are reabsorbed into the body. Following treatment/s, once enough fat has accumulated into the required area, the results can last a lifetime.


Prices can vary greatly as it depends upon the size and area that needs to be treated. It’s also often combined with other treatments.


If you would like a free consultation to discuss body fat transfer with our cosmetic surgeon, please call us on 0845 230 1700 or email us on enquiries@liniacosmeticsurgery.comImage

Err…exactly how old are you? Take A Break feature with Linia patient Kay

January 28, 2013

He was young enough to be my son – but he just didn’t know it! But how long could I keep my lover in the dark?

By Kay Silver, 55

Er... exactly how old are you?

Er… exactly how old are you?

I swayed my hips to the left, then to the right in a hypnotic fashion. When I’d finished I turned to my one-man audience and said ‘What do you think?’

‘We’ll be in touch’… he said. My heart sank, I knew exactly what that meant –

We’ll never call you!

For 20 years I had worked as a belly dancer called Persia, after giving up my job as a Playboy Bunny. Although I knew I was one of the best in the business, just lately I had started to find it hard to get work.

I knew why. Dancing 5 times a week had given me a figure a woman half my age would be proud of. But there was a part of me that all the exercise in the world would never reach. My face.

I was 52 and the years had taken their toll in the form of wrinkles, bags and jowls. But I had a solution. I told my friend Carol: ‘I’m going to have a facelift’.

Read more…

If you’re considering breast surgery, take into account the size of your body frame.

December 14, 2012
Breast Surgery

Breast Surgery

You should never consider the breasts in isolation – think about how your whole body will look if you have your breasts enlarged. A good surgeon will advise you on what will look best for your body frame.

Looking too top heavy or unbalanced is not a good result and may look odd against your body frame. You may even suffer some discomfort if you opt for implants that are too large.